What companies do you own?

I am the sole proprietor (100% owner) and Founder of Gaels Group, LLC. Within Gaels, I own and operate several digital marketing, data and technology firms throughout the United States. Patients.com is a big part of Gaels Group, which seeks to connect patients and doctors.

Outside of Gaels Group, I also own Gaels Venture Capital, where I look to bet on innovative projects and talented people.

I also own a boutique music, photography and film production studio called Poster Days, which houses a metric ton of awesome gear and instruments. Everything connects back to art.

What clients have you worked with?

This would be an enormous list. I’ve worked with a variety of businesses including smaller local companies looking to expand to the larger fortune 500 companies with million-dollar-per-day marketing budgets. Head over to Gaels.com to check out some more brands. The list continues to grow weekly.

Where have you worked?

In order from the most recent:

  • Job 10: Father of 4 amazing children
  • Job 9: Founder of Gaels Capital (Gaels.com)
  • Job 8: Founder of Gaels Marketing & Technology (Gaels.com)
  • Job 7: Founder of Patients.com Medical Marketing & Technology
  • Job 6: Founder of Launchbrand Domain Sales & Brokering
  • Job 5: Gold Medical Marketing – Director of Marketing, VP, Chief Operating Officer
  • Job 4: Founder of Blue Arrow Production | Audio Video
  • Job 3: Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Job 2: Sony – Columbia Records – A&R / Marketing
  • Job 1: US Army – Technical/IT

Other part-time jobs included being the household garbage and recycling director (25 cents per can after negotiation), a bus boy at an Italian restaurant, a waiter, a hotdog cart server at a waterpark, and a paper-pusher for a fireproofing company.

What education do you have?
  • College, Master of Arts: Public & Organizational Relations | Marketing
  • College: Bachelor of Arts – Media & Communication | Sociology
  • College: Associates of Arts – Music Recording Technology | Filmmaking
  • High School: 12th Grade
  • High School: 11th Grade
  • High School: 10th Grade
  • High School: 9th Grade
  • Middle School: 8th Grade
  • Middle School: 7th Grade
  • Middle School: 6th Grade
  • Middle School: 5th Grade
  • Intermediate School: 4th Grade
  • Intermediate School: 3rd Grade
  • Intermediate School: 2nd Grade
  • Elementary School: 1st Grade
  • Elementary School: Kindergarten
  • Preschool: Pre-Kindergarten 4
  • Preschool: Pre-Kindergarten 3
  • Preschool: Pre-Kindergarten 2
  • Early Childhood: Strict neighbor lady curriculum
Have you ever done comedy?

You bet. Comedy is one of the most important things in my life and should be in everyone’s life. I have done standup a handful of times in New York / New Jersey and have also written for several comedians, television shows, and films.

Are you an artist/musician?

You bet. Music is one of the most important things in my life and should be in everyone’s life. I’ve played guitar since I was about 10 years old and drums since I was 15. I play, write, and record music every week and have multiple projects happening all the time.

What are you?

Mostly Homo Sapien I believe. 1/2 Italian and then some German and Irish sprinkled in for good measure.