Ideas & Experience.

Born & Raised in New Jersey, Aaron Buch is an entrepreneur and the Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director of Strategy Base. Within SBase, there are three divisions. Each division specializes in advanced marketing for different verticals and business sizes. Strategy Base is a recognized Google & Facebook Marketing Partner.

The first agency within Strategy Base is Have Patients. Have Patents is a world leader in Healthcare/Medical Marketing & Automation Software developed to grow medical practices, urgent care facilities, hospitals, medical device companies and more. The Have Patients team has a unique ability to understand how patients think and behave both online and offline from over 5,000 combined hours of working directly with patients on a variety of case studies.

Aaron also leads the highly ranked and sought after creative digital marketing agency IXVY. IXVY has worked with numerous influential large companies. Aaron was able to grow IXVY into a 7 figure multi-million dollar advertising agency in its first six months of business. IXVY is also the home to an elite group of Cryptocurrency Marketing Experts and is known as a primer Crypto Marketing Agency. 

Lastly, Aaron also serves as the head of the Launchbrand division. is dedicated to supporting small businesses in both traditional and digital marketing and advertising. 

Aaron brings innovative creative ideas, organizational workflow optimizations and scalability processes to the companies he runs and works with in an effort to help his companies and the clients they serve continuously grow and prosper.

Education & Certifications: 

  • B.A., Audio Engineering & Film Production, MSU
  • B.A., Business, Communications & Media, MSU
  • M.A., Public & Organizational Relations, MSU
  • CERT., Data-Driven Marketing, Cornell
  • CERT., Marketing & Digital Marketing, Harvard
  • Google Partner (Google Ads & Analytics)
  • Facebook Marketing Partner
  • Microsoft Bing Search Ads Partner