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Aaron Buch


It’s shocking the number of strangers who will ask me detailed questions about my beard. I mean, it’s not that serious of a beard, ya know? I also almost always wear glasses and a hat.


Hey there. I am an entrepreneur, creative director, designer, seasoned marketing guru, differentiating master and speaker.

I am the Founder of Gaels Group, LLC, a New Jersey-based company that consists of several creative marketing, advertising, and software agencies. We have an amazing and diverse family of experts, staff, partners, and investors that keep the many areas of Gaels Group thriving.

Where did you learn?

I successfully completed kindergarten through 8th grade. I was not a big fan of education at that time. I did, however, manage to periodically squeeze in a few newspaper honor rolls. Go me.

The whole academia thing eventually grew on me.

  • – Collegiate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PhD) – in progress
  • ✓ Collegiate, Master of Arts: Public & Organizational Relations
  • ✓ Collegiate: Bachelor of Arts – Media & Communication | Sociology
  • ✓ Collegiate: Associates of Arts – Music Recording | Filmmaking
  • ✓ High School: 9-12th Grade
  • ✓ Middle School: 5-8th Grade
  • ✓ Elementary School: K-4th Grade
  • Preschool: PK 2-4

It’s true, I went on to complete and enjoy several academic programs. With that said, some of the best learning opportunities continue to come from being thrown into the middle of projects and learning in the field and on the spot.

What are your technical skills?

While I now oversee the bulk of projects we work on, I am still proficient and regularly hands-on with many technical programs and languages. I believe it’s critical to understand the programs your teams work with and manage.

  • Various coding languages for web and app development
  • Audio engineering and recording productions including ProTools and hundreds of plugins/outboard gear processes
  • Camera operations for photography, and videography
  • Post-production photo and video editing and numerous programs like Final Cut, Adobe Suite Creative Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.
  • Mostly all ad managers from Facebook Ads Manager to Google Ads, TikTok, OTT programs, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, etc, etc, etc….
Where have you worked?
  • Job 10: Father of 4 amazing children
  • Job 9: Founder of Gaels Group (
  • Job 8: Founder of Gaels Capital (
  • Job 7: Founder of Medical Marketing & Technology
  • Job 6: Founder of Launchbrand Domain Sales & Brokering
  • Job 5: Gold Medical Marketing – Chief Operating Officer, VP Digital
  • Job 4: Founder of Blue Arrow Production – Audio Video
  • Job 3: Hackensack Meridian Health – Marketing, HR, Compensation
  • Job 2: Sony – Columbia Records – Marketing, A&R
  • Job 1: US Army – Technical/IT

Other past part-time roles included being the household garbage and recycling lead (earning 25 per can after negotiation), local Italian restaurant bus boy, waterpark hotdog cart server/eater. I mean, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

What companies do you own?
  • Gaels Capital (Investments)
  • Gaels Group (Parent Organization)
    • Gaels Creative Media
    • Gaels Healthcare Marketing
    • Orthopedic Strategy Group
    • CRM Software
Who has trusted you?

This would be an enormous list. I’ve worked with a variety of businesses including smaller local companies looking to expand to the larger fortune 500 companies with million-dollar-per-day marketing budgets. Head over to to check out some more brands. The list continues to grow weekly.

Where are you from?

Sometimes I tell people that I was born in Las Vegas under a roulette table and carry on with a story. That, however, is not exactly true. I was born and raised in North Jersey. Also, if you’re wondering, the proper term is Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese, and that is a hill I will die on.

Interest + Hobbies?

There is simply not enough time for me to type it or for you to read it.

So, I’ll just put these two.

Music. Music is one of the most important things in my life. I’ve played guitar for over 25  years and drums for 20. I also play, write, and record music and have a variety of music-based projects happening daily.

Comedy. This is another extremely important concept in my life. I have done standup and written for several comedians, television shows, and films.

What are you?

I’m pretty sure Human (Homo sapien). 1/2 Italian and then some German and Irish sprinkled in for good measure.

Why is it called GAELS?

I love coming up with new ideas but knew I needed a thoughtful name and logo that I wouldn’t change.

The most important aspect of my life is family. So naming the company using all of our names made sense.

GAELS is made up of the first letter in my wife’s and children’s names.

The logo also has 4 main components.

1. A forward-facing G on the right for Gaels. This symbolizes the more “normal” side of our business, respect, listening, and understanding of trends.

2. A reverse G on the left side symbolizes our eagerness and desire to go against the grain and trailblaze in uncommon directions. Our goal is always to live outside the “sea of sameness”, and create things that stand out because they are awesome, not just because they are different.

3. All of the agencies inside Gaels Group companies contain an upward-facing arrow meant to symbolize progress, growth, and the future.

4. Lastly, our logo graphic as a whole appears to many as an abstract animal. Some of us see it as a lion, while others see a ram, elk, or other bucks. We wanted this present to represent our strength, courage, adaptability, and agility. The longest antlers or horns mean that the animal has survived the longest and likely has the most wisdom within his tribe.

Can I book private consulting?

It depends on the project, if I’m interested and if I feel I can genuinely offer value with my perspecitive and skillset.  I have done private consulting for a variety of start-ups and fortune 500 companies.

You can request a time here. We will review and confirm availability as soon as possible.